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Can't find application requirements?

Are you frustrated with the tertiary application process?

Tired of filling in the same information multiple times?

Tired of traveling to and from different tertiary institutions?

Tired of wasting money printing the same documents?

There is a better way!

Find information about courses offered at different institutions

Find courses that match your grades

Fill in basic application information once

Upload supporting documents only once


A Straightforward Tertiary Application Process

Register on the platform using your cell phone number, and national ID.

Find schools 

Find universities or colleges and vocational schools you want to apply to. Select your courses of interest in each school and add them to your dashboard.

Complete application

Fill in personal, academic, and socio-economic information required by schools. upload transcripts and other documents required by

each school.

Pay and submit

Review and confirm the contents of all applications you want to send and add them to your cart. Pay the total application fee for all applications in your cart via mobile money. 

How will SaSa benefit you?

  • Apply to all universities and colleges of choice in Eswatini in one click

  • Pay application fees once via mobile money

  • Match your grades with college or university  course cut off points

  • Save money 

  • Connect with mentors and mentees